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This Hands-on training program on Web Services teaches the differences between SOAP-based and REST-style services, as well as why both approaches are considered superior to distributed-object architecture, such as Java EE and .NET frameworks

Please find below the objective of the session:

  • Define a web service
  • Deploy a web service within Apache Axis
  • To understand the SOAP protocol
  • To understand SOAP messages passed in between server and client
  • Build, read and  To understand the Web Services Description Language files
  • To work with Web service stubs for Java and non-Java based services
  • To understand where Web services fit in the Java EE framework
  • To understand Web service security
  • Identify best practices for Web service development
  • To understand alternative architectures such as REST for Web services


  • A good understanding of Java and XML is required for this training program.A knowledge of distributed computing would be good to have but is not mandatory for the training program.


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