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In this course, you will get started with using Python 3. We will start by helping you get Python installed on your computer. You will then be introduced to Jupyter Notebooks – an interactive way to learn Python.

We will use a practical, hands-on approach to help you learn the structure of Python. We will cover the various mathematical and string operations, in addition to Python’s various data structures.

You’ll also get started on how to effectively communicate in Python using statements and how to use .py files. We’ll then move forward to learn about Functions, Methods, and Object Oriented Programming in Python and its advantages.

Importantly, there will be 3 Milestones that you’ll implement along the way to ensure understanding.

  • Install Python
  • Learn the Python programming language by doing hands-on activities
  • Learn about Jupyter (iPython) notebooks and how they are used
  • Learn the unique features of Python and why it has become so popular
  • Learn many of the ways in which Python is used (e.g., data science, web development, database access)
  • Learn Object Oriented Programming with Python classes
  • Understand how Python can be used on personal and professional projects


  • Basic Computer knowledge and programming fundamentals would be helpful for this course.


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