HealthCare Information Security and Privacy Practitioner (HCISPP®)

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Course Overview

Official (ISC)²® Training Seminar for the HealthCare Information Security and Privacy Practitioner (HCISPP®) provides a comprehensive review of the knowledge required to implement, manage or assess the appropriate security and privacy controls of a healthcare organization. This training course will help students review and refresh their knowledge and identify areas they need to study for the HCISPP exam. Content aligns with and comprehensively covers the seven domains of the (ISC)² HCISPP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK®), ensuring relevancy in the field of healthcare security and privacy.

Official courseware is developed by (ISC)² – creator of the HCISPP CBK  – to ensure your training is relevant and up-to-date. Our instructors are verified security experts who hold the HCISPP and have completed intensive training to teach (ISC)² content. 

Course Objectives

After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand and apply fundamental risk management practices.
  • Identify and differentiate between risk management frameworks and standards.
  • Describe the healthcare legal and regulatory environment.
  • Apply privacy and security practices to the healthcare industry.
  • Explain the use of third parties in the healthcare industry.
  • Describe appropriate responses to data breaches involving health information.
  • Understand the relationship between security and privacy in healthcare.
  • Identify and evaluate the security and privacy implications in the movement of information.
  • Identify key healthcare business processes that affect the security and privacy of information.
  • Describe and differentiate between various privacy and security governance practices.
  • Analyze and apply professional ethical standards to the healthcare environment.
  • Describe the information lifecycle and explain its impact on privacy and security.
  • Identify appropriate practices for the secure handling of sensitive information.


  • Instruction from an (ISC)2 Authorized Instructor
  • Official (ISC)2 Student Training Guide
  • Chapter quizzes
  • Interactive flash cards to reinforce learning
  • Real-world learning activities and scenarios
  • 140 Post-course assessment questions to gauge exam readiness

Target audiences

  • Compliance Officer
  • Information Security Manager
  • Privacy Officer
  • Compliance Auditor
  • Risk Analyst
  • Medical Records Supervisor
  • Information Technology Manager
  • Privacy and Security Consultant
  • Health Information Manager
  • Practice Manager


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