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This boot camp introduces participants to docker and its ecosystem, help them get started using Docker to build, package and run their applications inside containers. This course also covers container orchestration with Kubernetes.

This course covers docker right from how to run a single container, to how to package your application into a docker image and finally deploying it at a production scale on a multitude of hosts. This course is useful for you if,

  • You are a developer and want to understand how Docker works as well as learn to package your application into a docker image. You may also be interested in creating release strategies and deploy it in pre-production or production environments.
  • You are operations personnel who would like to understand how to get started with containers, troubleshoot issues, support docker environments. You may also want to understand how to design and deploy a highly available, fault tolerant production scale infrastructure with Kubernetes, understand the network primitives, etc.
  • You are a QA and would like to understand how to use Docker to set up test environments, speed up testing and continuous integration process and also learn how container orchestration works with Kubernetes.


  • Linux/Unix Systems Fundaments
  • Understanding of Command Line Interface
  • Basic knowledge of editors on Linux (any one of vi/nano/emacs)
  • Understanding of YAML syntax and familiarity with reading/writing basic YAML specifications


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