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Course Overview

Blue Prism will assist everyone to implement agile digital workforce across different organizations. After the completion of Blue Prism training, a contestant will be able to:

  • Develops skills in Blue Prism Infrastructure, Installations, and Administrative Services
  • Understanding how this Blue Prism works and areas of RPA’s
  • Understand Infrastructure and Installation models
  • Leverages skills in Java Access Bridge and Login Agent
  • Know Essentials and Setup of the Blue Prism Training
  • Understand Blue Prism Administration
  • Acquire Skills in User, Roles, and Permission
  • You will be able to create and maintain automated marketing campaigns
  • Can track the customer behaviors using analytics
  • Can consistently bring the requirements of organization functions and you can meet the targets of an organization
  • Can work in any sectors like Retails, Banking, Finance, BPO, etc.
  • Will be capable of grasping the total practical knowledge of each module in the Blue Prism Online Training Material


  • C# &.NET
  • Windows Operating System
  • Microsoft .NET framework
  • Microsoft SQL Server Database
  • Basic knowledge of programming
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