Advanced C++ Programming Training

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Course Overview

  • This comprehensive, five-day course consists of three modules:
  • A preliminary segment reviews topic which includes inheritance, the ANSI C++ Standard Library, templates. Input and Output streams, and practical issues of C++ programming, such as reliability, testing, efficiency and interfacing to C.
  • The material is covered as needed depending on the background of the participants
  • The second segment covers advanced topics like advanced issues of inheritance and polymorphism, Principles of effective class design, including the orthodox canonical form, use of composition, templates and interface inheritance
  • This course covers exception handling and runtime type information – RTTI. Several inheritances are covered, including the complications that are introduced by this powerful feature
  • Concepts of Advanced applications of C++ are studied, including smart pointers and reference counting
  • The third segment introduces the Standard Template Library (STL). The components of algorithms , data structures and iterators are covered, Illustrations are provided a number of important containers, such as vectors, stacks, queues, lists and sets. Extensive programming examples and exercises are provided.


  • Prior experience in C++


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